What our Customers say...

Fire Damage Testimonials

They arrived at my house before the fire was even out and explained everything. Every interaction with the staff, whether at the shop, on the phone, via email or at my house was always professional, yet was personable answering all my questions and concerns in a timely manner.

I cannot thank the SERVPRO staff enough for everything they have done these past 8 months. It is certainly something I hope to not go though again, but if I or anyone else I know needs this type of service, I will highly recommend this team to get the job done. I appreciate their patience in dealing with the barrage of family members asking lots of questions. Etta, Andy, Rob, Russ, Veronica, Bill, Ron, Shaun, Jessica, the fantastic cleaning ladies, the outside contractors and so many more that I have never met gave their full attention to my situation, while handling other clients as well. I am grateful to SERVPRO for being able to restore this old home and make it safe for my family again.

Very professional and worked with us to get the work completed within the budget.

I previously would see the green vehicles in and around the city and wondered what that company was and now I know.  Everyone at your company was so friendly and professional.  I learned so much during this process.  Our project manager, the carpenters and the cleaning crews shared lots of knowledge with me and I appreciate you guys so very much. I now have a company to recommend to friends and family.

Everyone working for SERVPRO on this assignment was very friendly and professional.  All work was explained and done in a timely manner.  We really appreciate how this cleanup was handled.  I know I have a company I'd recommend to family and friends.

I'm very impressed with how well coordinated every task was implemented and completed!  Fine staff, very hard workers!  Thank you!

The day after the fire, a crew from SERVPRO was at my house to start cleaning the mess created from all the water that put out the fire.  They were so careful as to not throw away any of my household contents.  They handled all my personal possessions with care.  They kept exceptional records and took photographs of everything they touched.  Everyone was extremely nice and they always stopped what they were doing to say "hi" and tell me what they were doing.  They were very sympathetic and very good listeners as I explained stories about my possessions.  When I moved back into my house, some of my things were returned to me after going through a cleaning process.  All of these items were packed with care.  Each item was bubble wrapped and packed with brown paper.  Each item was packed individually into boxes that were labelled with the room from which they were taken.  This was wonderful!  I was amazed with the whole SERVPRO staff!  They are all wonderful people and it has been a blessing to work with them.  They take pride in their work and I feel they took care of my things like they were their own.

Extremely happy. Will happily recommend.