Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Theinsville Home HVAC Malfunction Results in Fire

A Theinsville home with an attic system HVAC malfunction resulted in a house fire. The fire caused enormous damage throughout the home from the attic, ceilings & walls. Multiple rooms were affected & everything from the drywall to the insulation, all the way through the roof was in need of repair.

Milwaukee Apartment Unit Fire Clean Up

As a 24/7 response company, we receive after hours calls for fires. The fire occurred & was contained to a single unit, but the damage affects much more than the apartment kitchen itself. The soot & odor traveled throughout the entire 3rd floor level requiring cleaning of the ceilings and walls in the common hallways as well.

Smoke Webs

When there is a fire, a variety of materials are burning, some natural, chemical, synthetic...  After a fire the burning of synthetic materials create what are called smoke webs.  These appear like spider webs but they are sticky and will smudge easily.  When you call SERVPRO of Milwaukee North, we have all the cleaning supplies that help to clean-up fires, even those stubborn little smoke webs!

Stovetop Fire

In this loss there was a fire on the stovetop that made for just a little fire damage but very extensive smoke damage through the home.  SERVPRO of Milwaukee North mitigated and our project managers and carpenters tackled the rebuild job.

Winter Fire

Fire clean-up is difficult and time-consuming but in winter there are extra factors that get in the way.  Along with the damage, water to put out the fire can freeze and the house may not be able to get heat restored for awhile to make frozen pipe breaks another issue.  

Fire in Cedarburg

A fire in Cedarburg created along with the mess of fire and smoke but massive amounts of insulation that came down over everything. SERVPRO of Milwaukee North completed the mitigation, contents cleaning and full rebuild.