Water Damage Photo Gallery

Bayshore Mall Calls SERVPRO When Bad Fortune Strikes

We love to work for local Milwaukee businesses. Behind the scenes at our shopping centers, sometimes unfortunate events occur, pipes break, sprinkler heads malfuntion, etc. When Property Managers call, SERVPRO responds.

Dishwasher Leak Results in Large Drying Job

When a faulty dishwasher leaked in a kitchen of a large events & catering facility in Milwaukee SERVPRO of Milwaukee North was there to assist. The large floorplan was no problem when it comes to supplying numerous units of equipment to get the job done right!

Water on Drywall

If you ever wondered, how do you know if there is a water leak?  Water damage shows itself differently on every surface.  On drywall there is discoloration and eventually with too much water for too long it will disintegrate and make a hole in the drywall.  In this picture the water is right next to an light which houses electricity.  Special care has to be taken dealing with electricity and water!


Homeowners acted quickly to get us out to their water loss that affected their hardwood floor.  We used injectidry system to dry the floor in place to save the flooring and money!

Drying out Walls

There are many ways to dry out a wall.  Many times we cut out the wall which is wet and other times we drill holes and shoot air into the wall cavity to help dry in place.  This option is more cost effective!


SERVPRO of Milwaukee North has a franchise desiccant that is used for large commercial buildings in where there has been a water loss.  The Desiccant helps to pull all the moisture out of the buildings to dry them quickly.  SERVPRO of Milwaukee North understands the need for businesses to get back up and running as quickly as possible and the use of the desiccant can definitely do that.