Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Old Man Winter Brings Ice Dams to Richfield

Wisconsin is notorious for harsh winters. With our constant freezing & thaw rotation sometimes the water has no where to go... It gets stuck in an unfortunate location like along gutters, under roof shingles or like this Richfield home in the deck area above the garage. 

Flooding Results in Storm Damage at WE Energies

Wisconsin residents know all to well the variety of weather conditions we get, sometimes all in the same 24 hours. The quick melting of a blizzard or downpour on top of a yet frozen ground can leave us with a ton of water & no where for it to go. Such an event took place at our local power company.

Flood Water Can Cause Lasting Damage

WI weather can bring unpredictable damage to homes & businesses a like. Fast 24/7 Storm Team response can get your property up and running. The first steps will include drying the structure & removing any contents & materials affected by water. The SERVPRO Mitigation Specialist will moniter the job every step of the way to ensure the property looks "Like it never even happened".

Rising Flood Water Causes Excessive Interior Damage to Local Business

Flooded interior to a business can bring productivity to a screeching hault. SERVPRO of Milwaukee North is available 24/7 to assist, we will arrive Faster to Any Disaster and get your business back online with the least amount of time out of service.

WE Energies Storm Flooding

Summer storms in Wisconsin can turn buildings into victims of flood damage overnight. WE Energies utilized our large loss response team after a storm flooded their facility in Watertown. The entire building suffered two (2) feet of standing water which required extraction, demolition, structural drying and content(s) restoration.  SERVPRO handled documents which required freeze drying with chain of custody verification. WE Energies is a client of ours that requires a higher level of customer service.  Providing solutions to each customer doesn't require leaving the SERVPRO umbrella to subcontract with a different company.  Trust is making it "Like it never even happened".

River Flood Damage

During a storm event, in Burlington, WI, SERVPRO of Milwaukee North was called in to help with the clean-up at a local bank.  After the storm waters receded they were left with a muddy mess.  SERVPRO mitigated so that they could be back in business after 4 days!